Sunday, August 28, 2016

I Love Forest Park 5k

Hot, humid, shitty run. 30:10. Loved the race route though...managed to be pretty flat for Forest Park, with the exception of the Art Museum climb. Next week, it's another half marathon.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

SeaWheeze 2016

I hesitated signing up for my 5th SeaWheeze since it's kinda pricey with all the travel involved. But I had major FOMO and was able to get a spot. It is my favorite race and no other races compare.

People were lined up at 10 am the previous day... ridiculous. A few people were getting spots in line to sell them to SeaWheezers. I hope they didn't sell any. Anyways, woke up at 3 am and got in line at 3:30 am this year. Again, ridiculous. I went in there not really having an idea of what I wanted... but pretty happy with my purchase. I got into the store at 7:30 am, and there were a few items 'sold out' (aka stashed in people's massive piles) already, like the backpack. I really wanted it, but pretty happy with my duffel bag.

Legacy runners received a clear bracelet while everyone else received blue ones. I'm going to be honest, I thought this was a pretty big let down because all weekend I thought it meant an extra surprise somewhere. But there was nothing. I just wonder why they gave the legacy runners a different colored bracelet? What was the purpose? They did have a pretty sweet dedication with the names of all of the legacy runners. I'm estimating around 300 people.

This time felt so much more congested than previous years... I go into this race knowing it's busy and not speedy, but it was just tough this year.

Obligatory Race Photo.
The weather was also on the warm side and it killed me. I got to mile 11 before my body just crapped out. I walked a bit to bring down my heart rate. I think my body was tired from all the walking we've been doing... I never really rested before the race. Plus, my body is living on little sleep because I think it's wise to wake up early the day before to wait in a line for four hours. I was so happy to get to the finish. BUT, it was so so SO congested. We had to wait in this line to get out of the finish area. My body was so hot, I felt super nauseous, but there was nowhere to go! I was afraid I was going to puke on someone. They need to get this better situated next year. Like previous years, we received a finisher's hat. This is my favorite one so far!

Josh and I finished together. I really wish they provided finish photos... that would make the race so much better. We both finished with a time of 2:24:18.

I think my favorite thing about SeaWheeze this year were the secret agents. They were hilarious!!! I wonder if they work for lulu, or if they're entertainers.

Not too sure if I'll sign up for the 6th year... I mean, I've gotta stop the streak at some point. But... I just love it so much.

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