Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Oh Dear God... what did I do?


Dopey Challenge:
Half Marathon
a F'ing Full.


Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Color Run

I've been wanting to try the Color Run for a while now... However, I'm getting a bit sick of all of these cheesy 5Ks popping up everywhere. Like the DJ run? WTF is that? The Glow Run, Rave Run... blah.

Before photo
This race isn't timed... and it's the same route as the New Years 5k and basically the St. Patrick's Day 5mi. They were letting us go in waves, and people were walking right out of the gate. I knew this wasn't going to be speedy, but this was a completely different crowd from the prior Sunday for the Go! It was good to see a lot of folks out there doing a 5K.

I ran the entire Market bitch hill. It was challenging because it was pretty humid out, plus there wasn't hardly any incentive to run since so many people were walking. We ran through the first color station at mile 1, and there were volunteers spreading the chalk, well, I think it was chalk. It was so gross. I tried to not inhale it. I honestly don't know how the volunteers can do that for 1-2 hours. From there on, I did a lot of walk/running. My husband ran this with me, and he wasn't feeling great running either. There were four color stations total.

At the end, there was a glitter "shine" station. I finished in 33:38. If it were timed, I'm pretty sure I would have placed rather well. Oh, and they handed out medals. As we were leaving, people were still starting the race!

We didn't go to the post party. I didn't want to be near the chalk anymore. I'm really not trying to be a Debbie Downer, this race was just different for me.

Finish photo

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Go! St. Louis Half Marathon

I have actually never ran the Go! Half Marathon... I mean, I kind of have. I've done the marathon once and the relay twice. When I heard that they changed the course, I had to sign up. I love running the Eads and figured a MO-IL race is kinda cool.

I went into this race with very little training. I was consistent with my running, but I was only doing 3 mile runs. I did do a 5 mile and a 6 mile. And that's it.

So the day before the race I had a bloody mary, a beer, and a glass of wine. Needless to say, I was not taking this race very seriously.

Race Start
We couldn't have asked for better weather. There was an overcast sky, with a gentle wind. No humidity and perfect temps. I started out kind of fast and just rolled with it. It started out rather flat and had a nice downhill into Illinois off the Eads. But, crossing back over the MLK, now that was a bitch hill. There was a short, gentle rain, so that helped. We started to make our way over to Soulard and I was getting myself ready for the Broadway hill. Ughhhh. We climbed the hill around mile 9 and I was so tired.

Mile 10
I tried to keep going b/c I knew I could possibly PR. But... my mind took over and I told myself it was okay to walk just a bit. My legs were feeling incredibly heavy, and then I realized maybe I should have trained for this.

I saw Josh at mile 13 and ran over to tell him that I just missed my PR.

What if I did train a little for this? Like just do one 10-miler? Conditions were perfect. I should have PR'd. Oh well, woulda, shoulda, coulda...

I loved this race. I loved that I started with no pre-race jitters.

Finish Line
I finished in 2:05:55. My PR is 2:03:57. How awesome is that finish line photo...lol.

Race finish!