Monday, February 20, 2012

Mardi Gras Run

I woke up very early for this run. It was Mardi Gras Saturday and I knew I wanted to get this run done before the festivities started. My neighborhood turns into a crazy place. I started running in the dark and took it nice and slow. I have been running at a 9:40 pace and figure I just need to slow it down. I tried to keep this run at a 10:30 pace...which is now my goal pace for the marathon. I want to finish in minimal pain. I enjoyed watching the sunrise and people setting up for the big drunken bash. Most of the streets in my neighborhood were already closed off so I was able to run in the middle of the street, not worried about cars. I did the first 7 miles in my 'hood and then carried on downtown, around the Arch, over the Eads into Illinois and back, over to Lafayette Square and back home. I didn't take one single walking break! I ran all my hills (there were plenty) and kept it at a nice slow pace. My average heart rate was 155 and I felt awesome. My knee started to bug me around mile 13, but I kept at it. This was a successful run and I didn't feel sick after. Looking forward, kinda, to the 16 miler this weekend.

Distance: 15.23 miles
Time: 02:40:52
Pace: 10:34
Average Heart Rate: 155
Maximum Heart Rate: 171

Here we are at the Mardi Gras Pet Parade:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

13 Miles in the Mist

I was rather nervous to do the 13 miles since the long run the week before (14 miler) sucked. I decided to run around my neighborhood so I didn't feel stranded in the middle of nowhere. I was also scared because it was misting a bit and I haven't really been running out in wet weather. I was excited, however, to try out my new rain coat from Lululemon! The mist felt amazing though!! I kind of hope it's misting on marathon day.

I ended up running the 13 miles in 02:07:55, which is my best yet!! Also, I only took ONE break and that was to drink some water. The route had its fair share of uphills, downhills and flats... which is my favorite type of terrain!! Long, continuous flats are killer and boring.

I am slightly concerned about my heart rate, as it's constantly "up there" when I run.


I started to track my heart rate about a month ago and I'm not liking what I'm seeing. It seems my average heart rate while running is 159 with my average max heart rate around 175.6.

My goal is to run with an average heart rate of 155, which is about 75% of my maximum heart rate.

Also, why does my heart rate spike so fast?

Tonight I will be doing a 3 mile run and will try to keep my heart rate under 155. Wonder how many times I'll have to stop and walk? This should be interesting.