Thursday, March 27, 2014

NYC Marathon


I guess this means that I get to save $255, plus travel costs. I'm sure it would have been awesome, but I'm not too bothered that I didn't get in.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Parade Race 5 Miler

Great run today!!!

Obligatory pre-race photo.
I've been sick. I tried to run a few times earlier this week, but my lungs were not happy. I haven't even been going to yoga (b/c I don't want to infest others, really). I didn't know how today would go, but we were gifted with beautiful weather! That's always a bonus. This course is kinda boring, but all the people running makes it so exciting. Also, there's a lot of people out there cheering for you since the parade is after the race. Just a great spirit.

I still have a ton of shit in my lungs, so I coughed the majority of the race. It's gross, I know. I didn't really care about my pace, but when I looked down at my watch after a mile and noticed I was under 9 minute miles, I decided it was time to push it. The Market hill is killer... there were so many times that I wanted to walk it, but kept strong. I'm glad that I didn't give in and walk.

I'm super happy with my place today! Go me!


Monday, March 10, 2014


Hi, I'm a Quivering Quads drop out! It just didn't happen this year. I've been sick and the time change didn't make things easier (and I didn't want to drive an hour there). I have some regrets because I hear the trail was awesome.

I am running the St. Patrick's Day Parade Run this weekend, and it's 5 miles. Now that I can do!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Go! St. Louis Training Run

Today my husband and I met up with the Go! crew to run 3 or 6 miles. I'm supposed to run a trail half marathon tomorrow, and wasn't fully thinking and ran the 6 mile portion. I've been sick with a nasty chest cold, and I really wanted to see how the run went today. It actually went very good, so now I'm thinking I should have saved myself for tomorrow. There were lots of hills on the route today, and the weather was perfect. Just a feel good run.

I'm still unsure if I'm going to run the Quivering Quads tomorrow... I'm really not in the mood to drive an hour, run for 4-ish hours, and then drive an hour home. That just sounds like a really lonely day, when I could instead spend time with my family, go to yoga, and get some things done around the house!

I guess I'll just see what happens in the morning.