Saturday, June 24, 2017

Macklind Mile 2017

Another year, another Macklind Mile. This was my 3rd time doing this race. I was just reading my blog post from the last time I ran it... and I started by saying that this isn't a race you really train for. Well, I was so wrong. I've been doing speed work weekly with Big River Running. My PR on this course was 6:55. I ran a mile earlier this week and PR'd at 6:42. Today my goal was to come in under 6:45, with the hope of having a PR.

I was nervous at the start because I knew this was going to be hard work. And yup, it hurt. I pushed as hard as I could and didn't allow myself to slow down. I finished in 6:30, 5th in my age group (out of 36) and 55th female overall (249 total).

I still can't believe I did a 6:55 at my first Macklind Mile in 2013. I was only 25 seconds faster today, and I've been working harder to get faster. That doesn't make me too happy, but it was still a PR.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Big Run

This race was held on Global Running Day (June 7). It's called The Big Run because it's held throughout the nation, and you get to compare your time with everyone that ran this race nationally. The race we held at Lakeside 370 Park. This was a "new to me" area, so I didn't know if it was flat, hilly... if we'd be running on road. I met up with my friend Ann to run this race. It was on a Wednesday evening, which was also different for me. I was worried about weather, but we were lucky and it was in the 70s. 

Turns out we were running on a shared-use path. I was a bit worried about congestion, but this wasn't a huge race. I started off quick, and tried to keep it. I've been doing speed work with Big River Running, as I am trying to improve my 5k speed. First mile was a 7:38 pace.

I felt like my heart was on fire, but I knew I could continue to push it. Second mile was a 7:56 pace. Although I started to slow down, I'm still happy with my third mile pace (8:16). I finished with a time of 24:57, and my 5k PR is 24:56. Doh! Next time I guess. 

Female: 8/214
Female 30-39: 3/36
Overall: 53/352

National rank: 682/4585