Monday, August 25, 2014

SeaWheeze 2014

SeaWheeze 2014 was everything I thought it was going to be! Lululemon just keeps making the event better and better.

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There's so many cool events and surprises! Josh and I got to Vancouver on Wednesday and basically started drinking Caesars right away! We also had dinner with Uncle Randy and Aunt Mary, biked around Stanley Park, and then met up with my friend Cristen and her husband, Ryan.

Biking Stanley Park (I'm in the yellow).
I knew the SeaWheeze Race Expo (or the Showcase Store) was going to be super crazy, so we got in line at 5 am. It was so worth it!! You either get there at 7 am (when it opens) and wait in line, or get in right at 7 am and have a good selection of clothing. Just as the previous years, the store was nuts... Ladies were grabbing clothes right and left, and stuff was just flying off the hangers. It's such a thrill, but I do feel a little nuts since I'm basically doing the same thing. Some ladies had piles and piles of clothing. I was about to grab a jacket, there were 3 hanging right in front of me. I looked away for a second, turned back to grab it... and they were gone. Crazy.

SeaWheeze Showcase Store.
But... Cristen and I didn't look any different.

Its'a cult... I swear (don't judge).
We were in the Showcase Store for about a 1.5 hours total. I love the goods I came home with!!

My haul (love)!
We didn't make it to the nooner yoga session, and instead toured Vancouver. We did go to the sunset yoga at the Convention Center. It was okay... I think the instructor wanted us to close our eyes the entire time....? Which felt odd to me. It felt long and drawn out. Obviously, it wasn't supposed to be intense since we were running 13.1 miles the next day, but it felt very repetitive and the savasana was soooooo looooong. Some people even sat up and started talking while others were still resting in savasana. That just felt weird to me.

SeaWheeze Sunset Yoga.
Race morning came early (as always). We made our way to the 7am start line, but didn't actually start running until 7:30 am. We were in the 2:20 grouping. At first, I thought that 10 minutes between waves was a bit ridiculous, but then while running, I remembered just how congested the course gets... It's seriously hard to pass people. I should have got in a faster corral, but we were running late and that's as close to the start line as I could get.

SeaWheeze Start.
The course was the same as the previous years, so I took the obligatory photo:

Mile 2 something.
The weather was much warmer though... There wasn't a cloud in the sky, and it was warming up. I think I could have done a little better if we had a cloudy sky. But compared to Missouri weather, it felt super good on the lungs. It's such a beautiful course.

This is the first SeaWheeze that I've run the entire course! Water breaks don't count obviously. I'm super proud of myself even though it wasn't a course PR. Funny how that works!

SeaWheeze finish!
I finished in 02:20:28... 5 minutes slower than last year, and 8 minutes faster than the 2012 SeaWheeze. The race medals were okay... definitely my least favorite out of the three SW medals. But we got a lulu hat at the finish line and some more of the Saje headache and migraine remedy. I didn't wait in line for the breakfast waffles, but hear it was fabulous.

We went to the Sunset Festival that night, and it was pretty awesome... such a cool part of the weekend. The yoga was good (although I liked last years better, but trying not to compare), and I really enjoyed The Colourists! Capital Cities were fun as well.

Sunset Festival Yoga.
Anyways, thank you lulu for an awesome weekend. I hope to be back in 2015. Let's hope registration goes well and I get in!

And I love Vancouver...

Just wish we had this kind of sky on race day!

My fav song from the weekend!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Training for Chicago

"There will be days when I don't know if I can run a marathon. There will be a lifetime knowing that I have." - Unknown.
Training has fully begun for the Chicago Marathon. It's been over two years since my last (and only) marathon, but it doesn't seem that long ago. Training for a marathon is super hard work... very time consuming and it hurts, and it gets boring. Every time after a long run, I question why I do this, and then as soon as the tiredness wears off, I'm ready to run again.

I ran 14 miles this past weekend, and it wasn't bad! The last mile was hard work, but I expected that. I *only* have 6 more miles to add in my long run. Totally do-able!

I'm feeling rather optimistic about the training, and I promised myself I'm not going to drop out (like I've done twice - - Chicago and Mo' Cowbell full). Obviously, I want to do better than 5:01:xx...

14 miler.