Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rock -n- Roll Volunteer

Like I said in a previous post, $150 is just way too much to run a half marathon. Since I didn't want to pay the money to run, I still wanted to enjoy the event. I signed up to be a volunteer and it was SO MUCH FUN. I had no idea where I'd be volunteering until like 2 seconds before. The captain person told us we'd be handing out mylars. To be honest, I had no idea what a mylar even was.

The finish line is such a happy place. And it was crazy busy. So many runners. It's really cool to witness the waves of runners, tons of people finishing the half marathon. And then there is a lull, and then marathoners start coming in.

I can't even tell you how many runners I wrapped with a mylar, but I told each and every one 'congrats!' I know what an amazing feeling it is to finish a race. It doesn't matter if it was #1 or #10. That feeling never gets old. This is why I love running.

I chatted with a marathoner for a second and I asked him if he needed help with something. I mentioned I was craving chocolate milk, as he was drinking his Gatorade. I tell you, chocolate milk is the BEST post-race drink. After we said our goodbyes, he came back and surprised me with a chocolate milk. Some people are so nice!!

I've been a bit bummed since I'm not training for anything... But today I received an email stating that there is a spot open for the Skippo 20k!! I had joined the wait list since I forgot to register on time. I know it's going to be torture, but it's great to have a race to look forward to.

Anyways, a bit sad that the Cardinals didn't win the World Series, but I was able to go to game 5 and it was such a fun experience!!

Sara and I at Game 5 of World Series.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Half Marathon

Super happy with this race because I finally had a PR!! I finished in 2:03:57. I'm sooooo close to a sub-two hour half marathon. I'm not registered for any upcoming races... I need that sub-two hour finish!!

I was really excited for the Halloween Half because of the new race route. Usually, it's the same route (which is getting a bit boring), but they took us by the Arch, through Benton Park, around Anheuser Busch, through Soulard, and back downtown. There was a loooong uphill around mile 6, but I ran the whole sucker.

I knew around mile 10 that I might have a PR, so I kept telling myself to suck it up and not stop. Josh was waiting for me around mile 10.5, and I usually stop to say a quick hi, but not this time. I handed him my shirt and kept on running. He knew I was running fast!

Mile 10.5
I was feeling like death near the end, not going to lie. I also got a bit emotional because I finally got out of my 2:06 slump.

At the Finish!

This is the first half marathon where I did not have to walk!! Super proud of myself. Last week I ran a 2 hr 12 min half (and walked some) and this last half I did it in 2 hr 4ish min!!

Happy with a new PR!
I really want to do the Rock -n- Roll, but I hate to spend $115 to run it. That's just crazy expensive. I may do the St. Louis Track Club Half Marathon on November 3. That's only $65. Hoping to also do the Skippo again, but I'm on the waiting list and it doesn't look like I'll get a spot. Boo.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mo' Cowbell 2013

Well, I was supposed to do the full marathon. I signed up for the full back in April when I was more determined to do all of the training. I even joined a training team, ha! Ya.... the furthest I got in my training was 14 miles... I think? I did very little training during the month of September. I spent most of my time doing yoga and biking.

So I "downgraded" to the 1/2 marathon... no regrets. 

Enough time to snap a quick photo.
I got to the start line with literally 2 minutes to spare. I've never been that late to a race. I wanted to be in the back of the 9 min/mile pace group, but could only get to the 11 pace group. Therefore, there was a lot of passing and that was kind of annoying, but it was my fault. 

I had no expectations for this race. I just wanted to feel good, so I just kept checking in on my body and my pace. For the first two miles, I kept telling myself to slow it down. Third, fourth and fifth miles, I was starting to get a bit hot, but enjoyed the chilly wind at times. New Town, miles six, seven and eight, I enjoyed the houses and kept trying to find the lady who was handing out candy last year, but she wasn't out there. I was getting super hungry and started dreaming of chocolate milk, but I tried to take that off my mind. I only had two slices of toast in the AM. Reminder - eat MORE before a race. 

It was time to conquer mile ten, the dang hill. I was starting to feel the pain so I walked some. The only good thing about this hill is that you only have three miles left. Anyone can do three miles :). legs were tired and running became pretty difficult.

The marathon split was around mile 12. I smiled and felt relieved that I wasn't doing the full. Whew.

Almost to the finish line!!
There was no PR today, but I'm super happy with my time. I did a little under a minute faster than last year's Cowbell, so that's fine.

Finished: 02:12:02

I'm running the Halloween Half Marathon in a week, and I'm really looking forward to the new course! Dreaming of a 2 hour finish, but so not going to happen.

No negative splits for me!
Favorite song from race: Hey Brother - Avicii.

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