Sunday, April 21, 2013

Running with Lululemon

This weekend I went on my first run with the Lululemon store. First, they lead a 5k and then they do an hour of yoga. The route was majorly hilly... hill after hill. I was running a fast pace and was getting pretty winded on the hills, but I kept up. On the very last hill, I gave up. Uggggg. Regret. I give up way too easily. I did the 5k with a 8:59 average pace! Can't wait for the Benton Park 5k. It's flat, so I'm hoping for a PR! I leave Friday for Washington DC. Really looking forward to the Nike Women Half Marathon. Maybe I'll come home with a PR??

The yoga portion after the run was pretty challenging. I am so not balanced and I felt pretty wobbly. I'm pretty sore today from all that stretching. We all wore Blue/Yellow to honor Boston. I know I'm wearing an orange jacket, but my shirt under the jacket is blue!!

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