Monday, February 3, 2014

Yoga and Running...

The yoga bender is over, and guess what? I actually did it!
280 bender participants started out.
27 competed the 30 day challenge.
1 person won the drawing for a year membership.
And it was not me... Boo. But I did get a reduced membership rate. Still seems a bit expensive, but it's so worth it!!! I already feel stronger and healthier after one month of yoga. I won't be going every day, but I do plan on going at least 3 times a week. Totally do-able.

HOWEVER, I did get into the 2014 SeaWheeze!! I tried to register January 23, but the system crashed and they closed registration until today. It sold out in under an hour!! That's 10,015 spots. Why the 15? I guess to celebrate 15 years of lululemon.

Can't wait to get back to Vancouver and see what lulu has in store for us this year.

SeaWheeze 2012: Link here.
SeaWheeze 2013: Link here.

Here is a photo I took during my 2013 trip:

Vancouver Sunset

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