Thursday, November 27, 2014

Kirkwood/Webster Turkey Day Run

Not too much to say about this race except I did better than I did back in 2012! Last year, I choose to do the downtown Hungry Turkey, but I like this race because there is a 6 mile option. This year's time was 57:26, and in 2012 I ran it in 58:36.

It was chilly at the start, with a wind index of 21 deg. Brrr.

The 3 mile race started at 7:30, and the 6 mile race started at 8:10. As I was hanging around in the cold I was questioning why I do this to myself... why didn't I just sign up for the 3 mile race so I could get it done sooner? Anyways, the temperature was perfect for running. I just hate the waiting part.

I'm really proud that I ran the entire race and every dang hill. I had to walk a bit back in 2012, but this year I sucked it up and just powered through. I still can't believe I ran a marathon a little over a month ago. I feel so weak.

Obligatory shitty race photo.

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  1. I did the hungry turkey today. I agree that the waiting is the worst part. I liked the cold while running and I think it helped me go faster, especially on the Eads bridge since I wanted to get off it asap (so windy!).