Sunday, April 12, 2015

Go! St. Louis Half Marathon

I have actually never ran the Go! Half Marathon... I mean, I kind of have. I've done the marathon once and the relay twice. When I heard that they changed the course, I had to sign up. I love running the Eads and figured a MO-IL race is kinda cool.

I went into this race with very little training. I was consistent with my running, but I was only doing 3 mile runs. I did do a 5 mile and a 6 mile. And that's it.

So the day before the race I had a bloody mary, a beer, and a glass of wine. Needless to say, I was not taking this race very seriously.

Race Start
We couldn't have asked for better weather. There was an overcast sky, with a gentle wind. No humidity and perfect temps. I started out kind of fast and just rolled with it. It started out rather flat and had a nice downhill into Illinois off the Eads. But, crossing back over the MLK, now that was a bitch hill. There was a short, gentle rain, so that helped. We started to make our way over to Soulard and I was getting myself ready for the Broadway hill. Ughhhh. We climbed the hill around mile 9 and I was so tired.

Mile 10
I tried to keep going b/c I knew I could possibly PR. But... my mind took over and I told myself it was okay to walk just a bit. My legs were feeling incredibly heavy, and then I realized maybe I should have trained for this.

I saw Josh at mile 13 and ran over to tell him that I just missed my PR.

What if I did train a little for this? Like just do one 10-miler? Conditions were perfect. I should have PR'd. Oh well, woulda, shoulda, coulda...

I loved this race. I loved that I started with no pre-race jitters.

Finish Line
I finished in 2:05:55. My PR is 2:03:57. How awesome is that finish line

Race finish!

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  1. I loved this race too. It felt great out there today, although my legs are pretty sore now.