Thursday, May 19, 2011

On Running

I ran in the Benton Park 5k last Saturday with my best friend Cristen. It was rainy and I did not get much sleep the night before. I was rather nervous because even though I had been training, my previous 5k's were less than stellar. I ran the first mile at 8:51 minutes. Seriously? I usually run 10-11 minute miles. Eventually, I got pretty tired and had to walk the hill around the 3rd mile, doh. But in the end, I finished at 30:23. Go me!

Cristen and I decided to challenge ourselves further and run Forest Park. It's a beautiful run, but quite long at just under 6 miles. I'm pretty proud of myself because I ran around the Park! Okay, I did walk at the end because it was hilly and it just felt better to walk. Running around Forest Park just makes me feel good about myself. So good I am actually thinking about registering for the Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 Marathon in St. Louis in October. We'll see...

I've been using RunKeeper to track all of my workouts. This app actually makes me want to keep running/walking. RunKeeper sends me little awards for a new farthest distance, etc. It's almost like getting the gold star back in elementary school for doing good on your test.

It's pretty gloomy here in St. Louis and it's supposed to be rainy all week/weekend. This is actually good because it will force my husband and I to stay at home. We are trying to not eat out as much. It's so hard to do because there are fabulous restaurants everywhere we look with whimsy outdoor patios! I've created a huge shopping list and plan to cook some recipes from the Pioneer Woman...Ree Drummond. Wish me luck!!

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