Monday, July 25, 2011

Race for the Cure...over a month later

I should have blogged about this race awhile ago...but from what I remember, it sucked. I HATE running straight routes, through wide streets, with TONS of people. Plus, it was hot and there were two looooooong hills that really sucked. I ran this race with my husband. This is basically how it went...I was trying to keep up with Josh, Josh was trying to keep up with me - and in the end, we wore each other out. Around the 2nd mile, we passed a man who was laying on the street, convulsing. SCARY. I hope the poor man was alright in the end. Anyways, we finished at 33:46. Here we are pre-race!

After this race, I started training on hills. I learned my lesson. Also...I've been committed to running outdoors, which means I have to get outside between 5.30-7 am to beat the heat. This July weather has been hellish, like c/mon St. Louis, hell wants their weather back!! I can't stop dreaming about the cooler weather.

Anyways, I officially started training for the half-marathon this week, although I have been running consistently. I am also signed up for two other races:

Warrior Dash 5k, October 15
Halloween 10k, October 16

Otherwise, these little dudes have been keeping me plenty busy. Their new hobby: chewing the wood work in our house. :o/

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  1. Your dogs are adorable!
    I ran the Susan Komen 5k a few summers ago. It's so amazing to see such a large crowd and for such a great cause but yes, the heat and just too many people make it not as enjoyable as others. So glad you signed up for the half!!