Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Celebrating St. Louis

On Sunday I set out for a run. I've been pretty bored with my running routes, so I decided to run where the rainbow takes me. I had no idea how long I wanted to run, I just knew I needed to mix it up a bit. I first headed over to Lafayette Square and originally thought I could turn back home after running around the park, which would be about 4 miles. Instead of turning back home, I decided to run farther and picked my next destination...Busch Stadium. The St. Louis Cardinals had just won the World Series Championship so I figured I'd go pay homage to my home team...well, err, their stadium at least.

Source: St. Louis Cardinals
Way to go Cards!!

My next destination was crossing over the Ead's Bridge into Illinois and back. I used to run this bridge all the time when I lived in downtown St. Louis. There is a glorious view of downtown on your way back into Missouri. I love this view!! It's also pretty spectacular at night...obviously.

Saint Louis

I then ran the Arch grounds and figured I could call Josh to come pick me up...or I can just run all the way home. That I did. I finished by running up Sidney Street (aka the Bitch Hill) and 8 miles later, I was home!

Landmark Run

Distance: 8.38 miles
Time: 1:20:03
Pace: 9:33

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