Thursday, November 22, 2012

2012 Turkey Run

What a beautiful day for a run!! Gorgeous weather, although I did dress a little too warm for this race. It's the end of November (obviously), so I expected some chill in the air.

You could sign up for two different distances, a 3- or 6-miler. I went ahead and signed up for the 6 mile since it was the same price as the 3 mile. The races didn't start at the same time, which I thought was stupid. But I guess it is a good way to control the congestion in the beginning. There were 1270 people running the 6 and approximately 3200 running the 3.

3 and 6 mile route.
I have never ran around Webster Groves, Kirkwood, or Glendale. I imagined some hills, but damn, it was a constant stream of hills. We had a really long downhill portion within the first 1/2 mile so I knew since we are going doooown, we were going to have to go back up at some point (the start and finish were at the exact same point). 

There were so many times I wanted to walk, but no one was walking around me. Finally around mile 4.8, I started to see some walkers (because of a huge hill). So after climbing that hill, I gave in and walked for 20 seconds or so. Bah.

About to hit another hill.
I finished with a time of 58:36, a pace of 9:46. I was really happy with my time, but when I looked at the overall results, I placed horrible. I think there were a lot of strong runners in this race. I mean, who else runs on a major holiday?

Placed 923/1269.
And the finish photos of me are awful. Here is one:

At the finish.
Oh well, it was a fun race. I loved all the homes around the race route, thinking maybe we should have bought around there instead of where we currently live. It's such a great community. But... I do love Soulard.

Crazy hills.
I skipped breakfast before the race and there was only one water stop (at 3 mile) on the route. I think this is why I had some struggles.

Pretty fall leaves on the walk back to the car.
We took the pups walking around Lafayette Square today and I saw the most gorgeous tree with bright yellow leaves.

Lafayette Square
Happy Thanksgiving!

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