Monday, November 19, 2012

The Skippo

I was pretty pissed off when I first started the race because just before I was leaving, I noticed some asshole smashed one of my car windows. I also paid no attention to the weather so I dressed for typical November weather. Good thing I was wearing a tank under my long sleeve. I also rolled up my pants while I was running. I know I looked special, I just had my mind on other things. The race would have been more enjoyable if I dressed for high 60 degree temps.

Just another day in Soulard.
The Skippo was my first trail race. I have been out at Castelwood State Park to run the trails before, but I always took the easier route. The first two miles were very flat, but it was awkward because the trail was narrow at places and it was hard to pass. I just stayed on pace with the girl in front of me. I did see one lady trip about a mile in and she looked pretty banged up. So from then on, I kept my eyes on the ground to watch out for tripping hazards. I think I glanced at the river only once...

The stairs just after the 2 mile mark got the best of me... all 200+ of them. Everyone was walking the stairs, so I was relieved that I wasn't holding anyone up...because I'd for sure be walking them! The downhill portion was fun, I really felt like I was flying, but that wasn't really the case. It just felt exhilarating.

The stairs
Then that bitch hill...I guess people call is Cardiac Hill or something? What a nightmare!!! It lasted about a 4th of a mile and I seriously thought I was going to die. From there on, I walked the uphills and powered down the downhills. Even though I had to walk a lot, I was still having a lot of fun.

Started having troubles after 2 miles. Woah!
My official time was 1:14:31. I'm really happy with my time; it was a challenging course at times. Some people were running the route a second or third time. I do have to say...I'm so happy I only did one lap!!

My next race is a turkey trot on Thanksgiving Day, a 6-miler. I also entered the lotto for the DC Women's Half Marathon. I really hope I get selected, but I just have this feeling I won't be. I will find out mid-December if I'm lucky. I've also been contemplating running another full marathon. We'll see.

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