Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Half Marathon

Super happy with this race because I finally had a PR!! I finished in 2:03:57. I'm sooooo close to a sub-two hour half marathon. I'm not registered for any upcoming races... I need that sub-two hour finish!!

I was really excited for the Halloween Half because of the new race route. Usually, it's the same route (which is getting a bit boring), but they took us by the Arch, through Benton Park, around Anheuser Busch, through Soulard, and back downtown. There was a loooong uphill around mile 6, but I ran the whole sucker.

I knew around mile 10 that I might have a PR, so I kept telling myself to suck it up and not stop. Josh was waiting for me around mile 10.5, and I usually stop to say a quick hi, but not this time. I handed him my shirt and kept on running. He knew I was running fast!

Mile 10.5
I was feeling like death near the end, not going to lie. I also got a bit emotional because I finally got out of my 2:06 slump.

At the Finish!

This is the first half marathon where I did not have to walk!! Super proud of myself. Last week I ran a 2 hr 12 min half (and walked some) and this last half I did it in 2 hr 4ish min!!

Happy with a new PR!
I really want to do the Rock -n- Roll, but I hate to spend $115 to run it. That's just crazy expensive. I may do the St. Louis Track Club Half Marathon on November 3. That's only $65. Hoping to also do the Skippo again, but I'm on the waiting list and it doesn't look like I'll get a spot. Boo.

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