Sunday, November 10, 2013

Skippo 20k - 2013

What is the deal with pre-race jitters?? I haven't been this nervous about a race since my last (and only) marathon. I think I was nervous because of the Quivering Quads back in March. That race SUCKED... it really killed me and my ego.

Pre-Race Photo.
I ran the Skippo last year, only the 10k. I remember thinking at the time that the 20k'ers and 30k'ers were absolutely nuts. Walking the stairs and Cardiac Hill two or three times??? The first climb up the stairs wasn't too bad. I told myself to keep moving because there was a line of people and I didn't want to slow anyone down. The first time up Cardiac Hill, my heart was pounding. Whew, I felt tired. I was having some hip and leg issues, which was really hurting me. I was kinda irked because of a volunteer at one of the street crossings. I was walking because of some pain, and she literally yelled "RUN" to me. GRRRR. And then I started to run and she said, "THANKS." WTF is up with that????? Like, HEY SLACKER, GET YOUR BUTT MOVING so I can let this car through. I mean, if it's that big of a deal, let the car go first. Oh well...

First creek crossing, before Cardiac Hill.
The second lap wasn't too bad. I was getting lapped by the 30k'ers; they were really flying. The stairs killed me, and I really slowed it down up Cardiac Hill. I just tried to keep putting one foot in front of the other and finish this thing. I made sure to run across the street crossing so I didn't get scolded. Mission accomplished.

Not sure what was up with my hip, but all that downhill pounding really bothered it. I can tell I haven't been out on the trails since, ummm... July.

At the Finish Line!
Official time was 2:30:58!! I slightly wish this was a full 1/2 marathon because I would have a major trail PR. Not sure if I'll sign up for the Castlewood Cup. That race literally kicked my butt last time and I felt really sick afterwards.

My Goods.

Timing and Elevation Profile

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