Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bragging Rights

Hello! Remember that picture that I posted here. Well, It's now on the cover of the Soulard Directory!

I know it's not that great of a photo, but seriously happy that MY photo, that I captured, is at all of the major businesses in Soulard. However, I'm a bit perturbed that I'm not credited, boo. I did give the Soulard Restoration Group several of my photos, so it was free to use, but still, boo.

And..... I totally got to meet Jared Leto. It was only for like 5 seconds, but still amazing.

Jared Leto!
I continue to be lazy with my running, but I signed up for a January Yoga Bender. The goal is to do yoga every day, which I know I won't. But, I'm excited to start my yoga practice again. I've seriously missed it. I also signed up again with the Big River Running Training Team, which starts in January. I just need some motivation to get outside and off the treadmill.

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