Monday, September 22, 2014

20 Miler

I did it! I finally ran 20 miles. I didn't make it this far when I trained for my last marathon. It wasn't that bad! I did 17 just fine, but the last three miles were tough. Completely expected though. I'm not liking my new running shoe (Mizuno Wave Rider 16), so I wore my old WR 15s. It felt so much better! However, they are pretty worn, so I just ordered a brand new pair on ebay! I'm pretty stoked that I found the same shoe.

Like every time, my pace was all over the place. I'm not too worried about it, just want to get it done! My feet were pretty sore after the run, so I put them in a cold fountain for a bit. It felt amazing.

I think I'm ready for the Chicago Marathon! 

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