Sunday, October 2, 2016

Mo' Cowbell 2016

I decided to run Mo' Cowbell last Wednesday... four days before the race. I know I ran a half marathon a month ago, but the most that I did in between races were a couple 6 milers. And I can honestly say that I didn't train well for Disneyland Dumbo. But, I did it. I ran to support my friend Ann in her first half.

Pre-Race Photo.
I started out way too fast for my "training." I tried to slow down, and just couldn't. It was pretty humid out (but cloudy)... and then I felt so stupid for running this race, let alone running a pace that I couldn't hold.

1, 9:26
2, 9:23
3, 9:27
4, 9:39
5, 9:47
6, 9:50
7, 10:05
8, 10:12...

Then I crashed and burned. Not surprising. The last 5 miles were tough. Plus I was wearing new shoes and my toe nails were killing me. Again, not surprised. I was dumb.

This was not a Mo' Cowbell personal best... But I'm super happy with my time w/ my lack of training. I finished with a time of 2:17:12. And look, I'm smiling!!

Race Finish.
See, it wasn't so bad. lol.

Half Marathon #25 Complete!

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