Sunday, February 19, 2017

Mardi Gras Run for your Beads 5k

I've been training for a 5k PR and I went into this race knowing I could possibly PR. I was also hoping to place in my age group. I looked at the 2016 finish times, and 2nd place was 25:xx. So my goal was to come in around 25 minutes. This course is tough with 2 hills, but also some lovely downhill segments. But this is also home turf, so I know the course very well.

I was able to keep a good pace up the first hill in the 1st mile, but the Pestalozzi hill in the 2nd mile was super hard. But I ran it even though I wanted to walk it.

Mile 1:  7:48
Mile 2:  8:40
Mile 3: 7:51

I finished with a time of 24:59!! A 5k PR! I was bit bummed because I finished 4th in my age group... I was 4 seconds behind the 3rd place winner. Bah. Oh well, I guess. I still had a reason to celebrate.

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