Monday, December 12, 2011


So, this post might be sort of confusing, lol.

My goal after my last half-marathon was to start running faster. I knew I was running at a pretty slow pace (I mean, I was in corral 16 at the Rock 'n' Roll 1/2). But then again, I knew what my body could handle and running faster just wasn't an option at the time, I just needed to finish the race...successfully.

I ran 8 miles yesterday and it wasn't easy. It always starts out nice, but I eventually get a mean stomach pinch. And it sucks. I know I wasn't hydrated enough, but even when I do hydrate correctly (at least what I think is correct), I still get that stomach pinch. This one yesterday came at 3 miles, a little early as I usually get them around 6 miles. What am I doing wrong??? I took a GU at 3 miles, way too early I know, but it did seem to make my side feel better. Running just plain sucks when your side hurts.

But the good news: I completed my 8-ish mile run (RunKeeper w/ GPS says 8, Daily Mile says 8.30) in 01:18:54. The 8 mile run I did just after the rNr 1/2 in October I completed in 01:22:03 and my first ever 8 miler in September I completed in 01:26:00. So, I am getting faster and that I am happy for.

But after the 8 mile run, I thought to myself...can I really keep going for 18.2 more miles?? And is it really necessary to keep improving my pace when I really just want to complete the April Marathon? My only goal is to finish, not to beat a set time.

Here is where I really wish I signed up for the April 1/2, just so I could beat my time of 02:19:22. I really would like to finish at around 2 hours. But it has always been a goal of mine to finish a full marathon...and how perfect to do it at age 30.

I know the best thing to do is just sign up for another 1/2, preferably before the April Marathon, but running in the cold is another thing I hate. ...and I just don't have the money to travel for a race at the moment.

I am, however, signed up for a couple of the winter races to get my sissy butt out in the cold.

December 17: Reindeer Run
December 19: Christmas Lights Night Run
January 14: Frozen Buns Run
...and hopefully I'll do one of the Frostbite Series in Forest Park or a Snowball Series. These races start to get expensive!

Another thing I'm doing differently: I haven't been running w/ my fuel belt. I've been training without it because it really chafes my sides pretty good.

I really had no idea about my route when I took off running. I knew I wanted to stay close to home and away from the hills in the beginning, and this is what I ended up with. The end of the route got pretty hilly and I wasn't too winded! Only thing really bugging me, other than stomach pinches, is my right knee, but I feel it more when I'm running on the treadmill.

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  1. The dilemma: You can EITHER train speed OR distance. It's really hard to do both. If your priority race is the marathon, focus more on the distance for now. That doesn't mean you can't throw in an occasional speed day, but I wouldn't fret if you're not getting faster. Throwing in a half marathon as part of your marathon training isn't a bad idea at all, and if you've got the legs, go ahead and go for the PR, but remember that's not the priority.

    If you're not digging the fuel belt, get a run bottle. Super easy to run with, super easy to refill(i.e. at aid stations, no more choking on water trying to drink out of stupid little cups). Fuel Belt makes a good one. It's got a strap for your hand, and a little pocket for a key and a couple gels.