Friday, December 9, 2011

December Training

Training continues for the April Marathon. Mileage will really start to pick up next week. I'm not as strict on my training schedule as I was for the 1/2 Marathon. I was so afraid that if I didn't run on my scheduled day, I'd totally miss it. This time, if I can't run a certain day, eh, I'll make it up at some point. This makes me feel good!

So good, I even ran yesterday...on my 30th birthday. Usually on birthdays, I feel exempt from everything and eat just about anything. I ran for 30 minutes to celebrate 30 years of life. I feel much stronger at 30 than I did at age 20 (when I first started to run to lose the Freshman 15).

I have a nice 8 mile run planned on Sunday. It's supposed to be a tad bit warmer (a high of 43°F). I'm a huge sissy when it comes to running outside in the cold. I've been doing a lot of my shorter runs on the treadmill. I hope it's good enough.

Totally unrelated, but here is my first attempt at HDR photography. This is a little antique shop near my house, they always have the neatest store fronts.

Antique Store Front

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  1. Birthday runs are the BEST! This year I actually went for a 50 mile bike ride on my birthday, and when I got home I had a job offer waiting for me in a voicemail, AND found out I officially passed nursing boards. Not a bad day.