Monday, March 26, 2012

20 Days Away

The Marathon is 20 days away and I don't feel ready. I attempted 20 miles on Saturday and made it just under 19. The first 13-14 miles wasn't too bad, but then I had to do some walking. I also had to take some resting breaks to stretch and drink water. After the run, my right knee and groin killed me!!! I literally felt like I was about to fall apart.

Training for 1/2's can be fun. Training for a full just sucks. I hate it. I haven't been doing my short runs during the week because my body is in too much pain from the long run. I am now starting to taper, doing a 12 mile run this weekend, followed by an 8 the next weekend. I am not sure how many short runs I will do.

Distance: 18.67 miles
Time: 03:25:44
Pace: 11.01

Oh, I also had about a 1/2 bottle of wine the night before this run... so, it is what it is. I won't be drinking wine the night before the Marathon, so maybe that will help some, lol.

On Sunday, my husband and I took the pups to Castlewood State Park to do a short 1.5 mile hike. We took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up doing 3.6 miles. It was a bit challenging because my leg was still bugging me, but it was nice to take our time and enjoy the scenery.


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