Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Back on Track

I'm back! least I think. Headache is finally starting to go away. I've never experienced a headache like that before. I rarely get them and to have one for 8+ days scared the shit out of me! I'm not exactly sure what caused it, maybe it was a really bad sinus infection? Bad migraine? I meet w/ my doctor tomorrow to talk about the MRI results so I'm hoping for the best.

On Monday my headache was pretty bad, but I decided to go out and run anyways. I ran 7 miles and my headache was feeling much better after!! Yesterday I ran 8 miles and then did a short 1 mile run this morning. I'm feeling good! Of course, the heat slowed me down a bit. We had the most perfect running weather over the winter...but I did miss the snow.

This weekend I'm gearing for my TWENTY MILE run. They are showing rain in the forecast so we'll see how well that turns out. I am also running the 5 mile St. Patty Day Run on Saturday. I'll try to get 15 miles done either before or after the race. Goal is to do it before and then hope running w/ other people will encourage me to get the last 5 miles done. Whew.

I'm ready for marathon...! It is one month away.

During my 8-mile run yesterday...I was feeling a bit exhausted. I ran across the Eads Bridge and when I turned around to run back downtown, I had a pretty fantastic view. I had to stop and snap a photo. That sunset definitely gave me the boost I needed.


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  1. Awesome pic! I need to run one of your routes. They look fun. However, I worry about the streets in Soulard too. The South City streets hate me too....I fall a lot! :)