Monday, March 12, 2012

In a funk...

I haven't been doing the best at keeping up with my running schedule. It all started with my right knee after my 15 mile run. Yikes!!! Talk about pain. I had some left knee pain during training for my first 1/2, but this was different. It felt like my knee wanted to literally fall apart every time I hit the pavement. I've taken some time off. When my knee started to feel better, my groin started to hurt. It doesn't bug me as much until after the run, which is good. I've been "trying" to stretch, but I've never been a good stretcher.

Anyways, I've also been dealing with a killer headache, near my left eye. It's really freaking me out. I went to one doctor and she was worthless. She looked at my left eye and my right eye and said, "they look fine to me." Oooookkkay. But this pain, how do I make it go away? She told me to go to the eye doctor. That night, it actually felt like a migraine, which would put me at day 3 of headache. I went to urgent care the next morning and the doctor, much more clever might I add, told me this wasn't a migraine. My doctor sent me in to get an MRI last Friday to test for MS and other tumors, whatnot. Ok, results showed no tumor and no stroke. I spoke briefly to the doctor there about the results and he said there was some abnormality in my results and I need to check up with my doctor. So this is where I am now. I still have this freaking pain in my left eye (feels more like pressure behind my eye). I guess they haven't ruled out MS yet, but the doctor said I don't have the typical MS developments. All this stress has been making it hard for me to get out and run, but I really do want that medal. My friend said something that really made me think... "we know you would finish the marathon, but your health is more important right now." I'm going on day 8 with this eye pain and I just want it to go away. ...would also like to know what the hell is causing it!!!

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  1. I get crazy bad headaches on a regular basis too. Use to get migraines and they were always behind my eye! I have amazing medince now that I take when I start to get the eye pain. Luckily I don't get them near as bad as I use to! Hope you are back to normal and everything is okay.