Sunday, July 28, 2013

14 Miler

Today I joined the Big River Running training team at the Katy Trail. The schedule that they sent out said the advanced marathoners would be running 12-14 miles today. I have been following the advanced marathon training schedule not because I'm advanced... but because my marathon falls in early October, whereas most of the people training for a marathon are running the late October marathon here in St. Louis.

The pacer that I ran with two weeks ago couldn't make it today, so I ran with another girl that was supposed to be at a 9-10 minute pace (I run 9:30 to 10 minutes pace for my long runs). She wasn't in the mood to run 14 miles (only was going to do 12), so I knew I'd be on my own for a bit. However, when we started running we were at a 9:17 pace. I knew I wasn't going to be able to last 14 miles at that pace, so I slowed down. I ended up running 14 miles today, 13 which were by myself. Next time my pacer is gone, I'm going to get in the 10-10:30 pace group... Lesson learned.

The first half of my run went really well. I felt strong and the weather was BEAUTIFUL. Plus, I was running on the Katy Trail and this was my first time on that trail. I wish I took some photos.

Like most of my runs lately, I crapped out. This time around mile 9. For the last 5 miles, I ran what I could, walked a lot, and kept thinking about food. I must not be getting enough energy because hunger seems to be slowing me down. I hate energy gels, hate the fruit chews. I just can't find anything that doesn't make me want to puke. I did have nuun in my water, and I did like that.

I am not happy with this run. Why did I sign up for a marathon again??


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