Thursday, July 4, 2013

Freedom 4 Miler

Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays, so I really wanted to dress patriotic for this race.

On my way to the race!
I wanted to run some extra miles, so I ran from home to the race start, which is just under 2.5 miles. I had a good 10 minute rest before the official start of the race. I was sweating extremely bad, so I felt pretty silly.

I absolutely loved the race route. There was the right amount of hills, got to run down Leonor K. Sullivan, great views of the Arch and Busch Stadium... Lots of patriotic people out there and welcomed the National Guard to the finish line.

Even saw these guys rolling their keg to the finish line:

That has got to be tiring.
I'm okay with my finish time. I think I could have done better if I didn't run to the race... I was even going to run home after the finish, but I got lazy and called my husband to come get me :).

Almost there. Love these horrible pics.
Happy Independence Day!

Smiling at the Finish!

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