Friday, July 26, 2013

July Training

I haven't updated in a while, but I promise I've been out there running.

July Training
I did take a break on my long run last weekend because I was out of town enjoying life. My last long run was with the Big River Running training team and I really enjoyed it!! It was so nice running with others and they really motivated me to keep running. I really started to crap out the last two miles, but they stayed with me (until I flat out had to walk it). I am running with them again this weekend, planning for 14 miles on the Katy Trail. Super excited because I've never been on the Katy Trail.

We are having incredible weather at the moment. The most amazing running weather (lows in the 50s tonight, high 70s tomorrow). Hope we keep this nice weather in August.

I'm heading to Vancouver for the SeaWheeze in August. I'm SUPER excited for the race. I'm hoping for a PR... but we'll see. Might not happen since the SeaWheeze last year was my slowest half marathon EVER. Although scenic, it's a crowded race (running on bike paths and such).

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