Monday, February 2, 2015

Surf City Half Marathon

I've been wanting to run this race because of the surf board medal... so cool! My friend Andrew lives in Huntington Beach and invited me out for the race. I signed up nearly 3-4 weeks before the race with not a lot of training.

To get to the race start, Andrew and I biked 7ish miles. We also biked to the expo the day before, and ran a fast (for me) 6 miles on the Friday before the race. Needless to say... My legs were pretty tired at the race start.

At the race start.
There were some things I loved about this race, and some things I absolutely hated. I loved: the medal, the shirt, the shopper bag, and the beach.  I hated: the course... It was just so boring and monotonous.  And the sun.... there was no shade!!! It was okay until mile 8 when we had to turn around and run into the sun. I was super hot and miserable.

Running on hot pavement.
I felt so drained, so then I started to walk/run. I just wanted to be done. The last 5 miles were painful, but I got it done. This is what pain looks like...

Anyways, I finished the half in 2:21:31. Not a PR, but happy with my time considering my lack of training. Also happy that I placed 503/1257 in my division. And, the best part... I got my medal and a California Dreaming medal since I also completed the San Francisco Half Marathon, score!

Worth the pain...  ??

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