Thursday, November 26, 2015

Kirkwood-Webster Turkey Day Run

Today I ran two separate races: a 3 mile and a 6 mile. The 3 mile race started at 7:30 am. The weather was perfect. I dressed a bit warm, but was able to take off some layers. I originally told myself to take the 3 mile race easy, since I had another 6 miles after this one. But, I had fast legs and just went with it. I've ran the 6 mile race a couple times, so there were no surprises. This 3 mile race was sooooo crowded. The start was pretty hectic, but I was able to pass several people. Love this course since it's rather hilly. Also, I had negative splits:

Mile 1 - 9:12
Mile 2 - 9:01
Mile 3 - 8:58

I finished with a time of 27:06, placing 32 out of 226 in the female 30-34 age group. Woot!

I finished with 10 minutes to spare until the next race.

3 Mile Finish.
The 6 mile race was so much more chill. I really had no expectations since this really isn't my long run for the week. I wanted to take it slower, but ended up being more speedy. This is not a course PR, but I'm super proud of myself since I did the 3 miles prior. My friends live at mile 1.5ish of the race course, and caught a photo of me being awesome, ha:

The hills finally got me in the last mile. But I finished with a time of 57:53. My course PR is 57:26, so I think I kicked butt. Temps were in the low 60s, which is just crazy considering it's November 26th!!!!

Dopey training is still ongoing. I'm just trying to stay strong and positive, but it sucks. I would like to do yoga more as well... I'm still working on my headstand and side planks (which are SO HARD). I'm feeling rather strong in my headstand though:

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