Sunday, November 8, 2015

Skippo 20k

Another year, another Skippo. I think I signed up for this race last year, but DNS for whatever reason. (I was probably just being lazy, or hungover). We had beautiful weather this year, started out a bit cold but warmed up pretty fast.

My legs were super heavy and it took forever for them to warm up. These back-to-back training runs are exhausting, and I didn't even get in my full mileage this weekend. I'm having super negative thoughts about the Dopey Challenge.

Creek crossing, mile 3.6
Anyways, the first loop was super crowded like always, and the second loop I was getting lapped by the 30k'ers. The stairs were exhausting both times, and Cardiac Hill sucked big time. Besides all that, the race was pretty good. The trail was in really good condition, I didn't trip so that was a bonus. I finished in 2:33:49. About 3 minutes slower than my last Skippo.

Skippo finish.

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