Sunday, June 16, 2013

All American 5k

My friend Ann joined me for this race! We used to be running buddies back in undergrad, so it's been fun running together again. There was a heavy downpour right before the race start, so I didn't run with my phone and instead grabbed my iPod Shuffle. However, my Shuffle crapped out so I had to run with no music. I was not looking forward to being music-less because I was hoping I could PR if I had some tunes to take my mind off the pain.

Ann and I before the start.
I hate running with no music during races. I heard this lady say as we all took off, "I think it's funny when all these people sprint out of the start and end up walking in the end." Well, I was 'that' person, but I am trying to push myself. I can easily run a 9:15 pace and run the entire race. But I want to break a 26 minute 5k and yes, that means I have to push myself.

I ran the first mile in 7:52. By mile 1.5, I had to take a short walking break. The air was so heavy and I was having troubles breathing. I think some dude even looked back at me to see who was breathing so hard. Yup, I was struggling. I took two walking breaks during the second mile (8:47 pace) and two more walking breaks during the third mile (8:42 pace). If I WOULD STOP WALKING and just push myself, I would have come in under 26 minutes.

I finished the race in 26:14 (8:27 pace), which is 10 seconds off my PR...

And I have another horrible finish line picture to add to the collection:

Heading to the Finish!
I'm not registered for any more 5k's this year... thinking I need to find a good one to run and just push myself, not wimp out and walk.

I found a beautiful story online about Bret Dunlap, a man that was told would never walk again because of a horrific accident he faced as a child, but is now a marathoner! I fell in love with one of the quotes in the article: "You know that speed and distance are the standard measures of a runner's success, but that like a lot of standard measures, they're wholly inadequate to measure your experience. They're wholly inadequate to measure you." You can read the article here.

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