Monday, June 24, 2013

Marathon Season is Here... and so is the heat.

I ran a 12-miler on Sunday, so I guess you can say training for the Mo' Cowbell Marathon has officially started. It wasn't good.

I ran two laps around Forest Park. The first lap was good. It was lightly raining, a bit cooler than it has been. The second lap was crap. I had to stop to catch my breath about 50 times. I laid down on a bench for a good three minutes. Of course, this all isn't counted in my total time. I'm supposed to do a 13-miler this weekend and I'm scared. I better get my sub 2-hour half marathon this year dammit!

It was too hot to run Saturday morning, so we walked around the neighborhood and I snapped a couple pictures. I love the architecture in Soulard, so beautiful.

Here's hoping this weekend's long run is better!

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