Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Warrior Dash circa 2010

I ran this race {Warrior Dash} way before this little blog became living. But first, let's go back a bit. Back in 2009, I signed up for a little race called the Chicago Marathon. I even started to train for it. My longest training run was a meager 5 miles. Long story short, I dropped out of training for the race because life got in the way (marriage, new house, travels, etc). I also started training for the Marathon completely wrong... mainly treadmill runs that lead to extreme boredom. After I dropped out, I didn't cut out running entirely, but I wasn't running nearly as much as I am now.

My friend Greg told me about this new race called the Warrior Dash. But there wasn't a Warrior Dash in St. Louis, so we drove to Chicago and made a weekend out of it. I ran one 3-miler in preparation for the race.

I think I ran the first mile, but after that it was a lot of walk/run. I had so much fun.

The reason I'm bringing up Warrior Dash 2010? I've ran the race every year and I'm not sure if I'll run this year. It's in the same area that I ran the previous two and I wonder how different it will be. Should I just stop running the Warrior Dash? Should I continue the tradition? I mean, if it wasn't so expensive I'd for sure sign up with no hesitation, but all of these races keep adding up.

Here are some photos from Warrior Dash 2010:

What's a girl to do?

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